Friday, July 17, 2015

Domain Names for sale

The following domain names are registered at You need a GoDaddy account to receive possession of the domain names that are marked with an asterisk *, indicating they are newly registered and can't be be transferred to a different registrar until 60 days has passed.
The eBay listings can be viewed by clicking here
Some names are IDN's; research that term before buying.
Domain creation services are non-refundable. Only names are for sale; no websites or products included.

Available standard domain names:
* (person who hates spiders) * acronym (Department of Defense Employee Interactive Data System)
* inflates .info
* Mothra .info
computer generated imagery .net
computer-generated imagery .com
e-Livestream .com
new apple *
* teensy tiny .com
RAFTN.COM rafting
WHIPN.COM whipping
FOAMN.COM foaming
Available Internationalized domain names (IDN):
You must copy/paste each name to see the parked pages; simply typing the letters will direct you to the wrong website.
My recently sold IDN's:
Copy/paste each name to see the parked pages, some may not display if they are still being developed by new owners.
REC.COM RE.COM ᏀᎪᎷᎬᏚ.com ᎫᎬᎢᏚ.com ᏴᏴ.com ᎢᎪᎢ.com ᏴᎬᎬᎡ.com ᎠᎡ.com ᏟᏟ.com ᎷᎬ.com ᎫᎬᎢ.com ᏢᏟ.com  ᎫᎡ.com ᎷᎡ.com ріре.com ᏢᎫ.com ᎫᎫ.com

My recently sold standard domain
Mary Ann .biz
used apple
New Apple iWatch .com
very Protective .com 
very Exquisite .com 
very Traditional .com
eOphthalmologist .com CLAPN.COM

Thursday, July 16, 2015

What is an IDN?

IDN stands for internationalized domain name. In a nutshell, because all the short or popular words in English are taken in the dot com world, internationalized names are typed with foreign language characters and the punycode translates it into English.
Since the domain name is spelled with foreign characters, you can't type it using your keyboard. To access an IDN's website you have to copy/paste the letters from a character list or create & click on a hyperlink or type the punycode.
It can be fun and profitable creating IDN's. Their popularity is just now catching on with domain sellers.
So if you want to create a domain name for a popular or short word that's already registered, IDN's are the alternative.
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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

How to profit with domain names

Domain names can gather lots of passive income without selling physical products. Build a low cost website or free blog such as this one, add adsense and advertise your domains.
Apple product names like ipads and iwatches are very profitable for your website name to gather revenue from visits and clicks, ads, and links.
Personal names and popular electronics gather lots of pay per clicks and page views, which will push up your website's rank and increase your payouts.
Or simply re-sell the domain name for a quicker turnaround on your investment.
You can list domains for sale or auction on ebay or on the registrar's site.
You can also market the name directly to potential buyers. Example: If you had the domain, you'd look for the websites or facebook pages of candy & gum manufacturers such as Wrigley or JellyBelly. Use their contact form to ask them if they are interested in purchasing the name. Supply them with a link to your sale page or your Paypal email.
Registrars often report names being bought for a low price and resold for $1000s. See latest statistics here: domain stats.
Good luck & have fun!
iwatch for sale